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The Clean Air Project

Protecting Your Health at Our Albuquerque Office

Due to the current novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, having clean air in our dental office has become our top priority. Many oral procedures and treatments create non-viral aerosols and may contribute to poor indoor air quality in dental clinics, but now that COVID-19 is threatening our well-being, we have decided to take this opportunity to push ourselves to the next level of safety by creating the cleanest environment possible for you and our team.

The US Department of Labor has ranked the dental profession as the #1 most hazardous job for one’s health, so by focusing on having the cleanest air we can create a safer space for our patients as well as ourselves.

How We Will Keep You Safe

Because dentistry is already excellent with surface disinfection, we had to study the science of viral aerosols and filtration in order to create a science-based approach to solving the air quality problem we are all now facing. Our comprehensive approach is called The Clean Air Project, in which we will focus on limiting deposits of potentially infectious aerosols inside our office while aggressively scrubbing the air clean in rapid cycles all day long. Here are the details:


All patient paperwork, updates, and billing are currently being moved into a digital workflow to reduce physical exchanges and minimize risk of infection.

Patients are required to wear face masks in our office at all times, except during treatment. This will limit any potential viral aerosols breathed into the air asymptomatically. The CDC has officially determined COVID-19 to be airborne, which means expelled viral aerosols pose a great risk. Almost our entire Clean Air Project was founded on the management of aerosols so rest assured, we are doing everything we possibly can to keep you safe by controlling the movement, disbursement, and intensity of any potential viral loads in the air. We work here all day long so we have a vested interest in our system's efficacy.

We will have all patients call or text upon arrival and will come out to get you after taking your temperature. Patients will sit alone (with rare exceptions) on opposite ends of our wide waiting room, right next to medical grade air filters. This limits the potential of asymptomatic individuals having any viral load escape into a shared space.

All staff are required to maintain personal protective equipment and/or safety protocols at all times inside the office, at least until the COVID-19 risk has passed.


In hallways, waiting rooms, and other shared public spaces, we are employing multiple, strategically placed medical-grade HEPA-13 air filters.


Within each treatment room, we will be utilizing Surgically Clean Air JADE Air Purifiers along with AirPura UV614 Purifiers, which function above and beyond our medical-grade HEPA-13 filtration units to manage the greatest concentration of aerosols right at the source. Based on our treatment room square footage and power of our purification units, the entire volume of operatory air will be purified and exchanged every three to four minutes!


During hygiene treatments, we will use a full-time intraoral high-speed suction system named ReLeaf. During dental treatments, we will utilize an intraoral isolation system named DryShield, both of which provide continuous suction in additional to traditional high- and slow-speed suction to pull as much potentially infectious aerosols away and into our closed vacuum system.

Our Feelings About the “New Normal”

The world is now different. There is too much space between us, too little contact, too much personal connection lost. Like almost everyone, we cannot wait until this phase of the COVID-19 pandemic is over. However, we are very happy to be transitioning back to a more normal life again.

While our Clean Air Project is mostly permanent (who doesn’t like very clean air?), the entire Dental House team yearns for the day when we can look out at people together in our waiting room again and hug our patients following treatments. That day will come, and when it does, we will be here to greet you all as we always have, with open arms and with the best dental experience we can provide.

In the meantime, let’s be safe and do our best to care for one another.

To learn more about our Clean Air Project or if you have any questions or concerns, please refer to our blog or call (505) 835-2322 today – we’ll be happy to assist you.

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