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Dental Implants in Albuquerque

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant consists of three parts: (1) the implant, (2) an abutment, and (3) a crown. The “implant” is an artificial root that is surgically implanted into your bone, which will act as the foundation for the abutment and crown. The crown is the portion of the treatment that you can see, which looks like a natural tooth, and the abutment is the part of the tripartite procedure that connects the implant (artificial root) and crown to make a single unit that functions like your natural tooth.

Implant procedures take time and are very technique sensitive. Broadly described, there are two phases to an implant procedure: the surgical implantation and then the restoration. The implantation phase is when the doctor inserts the implant and checks over several weeks how well your body accepts your new artificial root.

Once it is determined that the implant is successfully integrated with your bone and is stable, the restoration phase begins where the abutment and crown are set. Restoration is important because while surgical/clinical skill is necessary to make your implant stable and functional, the treatment is not complete until your tooth is also cosmetically attractive.

One of the benefits of choosing Dr. Park for your Albuquerque dental implant is that from start to finish, your implant is planned with the final restoration in mind. While restoring chewing capacity is clinically significant, to have a beautiful smile is no less important!

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What Are the Benefits of a Dental Implant?

Comfort and Performance

To have a fixed prosthetic is vastly superior to removable appliances, like a denture. Implants do not shift or become loose when chewing or talking and behave like your natural teeth. One no longer needs to deal with denture adhesives in the mouth, or prosthetics that can negatively affect speaking or your ability to taste!

Compared to other fixed treatments, such as bridges, dental implants do not need to attach to adjacent teeth, which means your existing teeth do not need to be ground down or prepared to hold your new teeth in place. Dental implants are also generally more comfortable than traditional bridges because they mimic what you would experience with a natural tooth.

Overall Health

What many forget when considering dental treatments is that chewing capacity has a direct effect on your overall health. With proper chewing capacity, you are not limited to chewing softer material, which too often means more processed foods. Healthier foods, such as fresh vegetables and unprocessed meats, can be difficult to eat for those with lower chewing capacity. Over time, the consumption of more processed and less nutritious foods can deteriorate health and shorten both quality of life as well as lifespan.

Dental implants restore or preserve your natural chewing capacity, which can be considered 100% capacity – it is like having your natural body intact. On the other end of the spectrum, full dentures held by adhesive can provide as low as 20% chewing capacity. Treatment options are determined by the state of your body (bone structure and density, medical conditions, etc.).

Please give our Albuquerque dental implant specialist a call to have a consultation to determine which treatment options are best for you!

Dental implants are a wonderful long-term solution to replace missing teeth but remember that they are not possible for everyone, so please remember to take care of your oral health, and have regular dental checkups!

Dental House provides dental services in a relaxed environment. Our doctor, Dr. Rachel Park, is trained to handle a variety of dental problems and issues. Our office will analyze your situation, communicate honestly with you, and perform your procedure in a timely and professional manner.

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