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While dental insurance does have its advantages, for some its drawbacks can be prohibitive. The monthly obligation along with its limited coverage can be a turn off for many prospective dental patients. Moreover, complicated insurance payment structures and procedure approval processes can be annoying for some, depending on individual circumstances. Additionally, insurance premiums have a habit of going up and if one does not utilize coverage that is paid for via monthly premiums, that money is wasted. That is why we offer a cash discount plan, so our patients can avoid hassles and administrators influencing dental work decisions. Furthermore, with our cash discount, patients save money - a lot of money. At times, our cash plan slashes up to 50% off treatments.

How Does It Work?

For individuals, a 12-month membership is $130 plus tax. This allows you to have fixed, low rates for the entire duration of your membership. If you want to add more family members, each person may be added at an increasingly discounted rate. Our Platinum Cash Discount Plan includes 2 completely free x-rays, as well as 2 free dental exams (covering your bi-annual check-ups). The cost of these 2 check-ups alone already outweighs the cost of membership so the Platinum Plan has built-in value. Adding dental treatment only increases your overall savings.

Other benefits include cleanings at the price of just $30 and, as previously mentioned, common dental treatments discounted at 30-50% off their regular prices. Such treatments include root canal procedures, teeth whitening treatments, crowns, and more. With our Platinum Cash Discount Plan, you can enjoy a hassle-free payment option for all your dental needs. Plus, you won’t have to worry about insurance caps or other limitations or hidden fees.

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If you are tired dealing with complex insurance policies, our Platinum Cash Discount Plan is a wonderful solution. At Dental House, we provide premium dental care for individuals and families at an affordable price. Our Albuquerque staff is well trained and treats each patient like family. We look forward to discussing your options concerning our Platinum Cash Discount Plan and future care!

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